Looking at model homes?

Consider these 4 things.

By Cindy Nelson, Realtor

Before you look at model homes, consider these four things.

You may be shopping for a new home or perhaps you’re curious and want to take a peek at the latest and greatest home decor.  Whatever the reason, you need to take a few things under consideration before you view any model home.  I know, I know … you may have no intention to buy, so what difference does it make?  Well, I know a few people who had the same thought, so they decided to just take a look.  Well, unbeknownst to them, it was love at first sight when they discovered their dream home.  So why not give yourself the benefit of the doubt and protect your own interests?

Don’t be fooled.

First, you need to think about who is representing you before you walk through the door of any model home.  Without your own agent, the builder’s agent will assist you.  This means you won’t receive any representation.  The builder’s agents are hired to look out in the best of interest of the builder, not yours.  Despite how friendly a builder’s agents may be, that won’t make any difference. They will always only represent the builder’s interests.

Your first visit to a model home is an important one.

When you enter a model home, the builder will require you to register first.  If your agent is not with you at this initial visit, then you waive your right to bring one later. Your agent does not have to be with you on every visit, just the first one.

Does it really matter?

You may be wondering what is the benefit of having your own agent.  Your real estate agent has a fiduciary responsibility to protect and promote only your interests.  As your Realtor, I would advise you throughout the process as well as provide data and resources to help you with your decisions.  I will also give you the seller’s perspective when you are selecting your lot, choosing upgrades and making other decisions.  There’s always a possibility you might sell this home one day, so your choices will be a factor at that point. Additionally, I will be there to assist you during your final walkthrough. The best part is, this service is FREE.  The builder is required to pay for your real estate agent’s fee, which is why they only give you one chance for representation.

Honey, stop the car!

So you’re out driving around and you just want to take a quick look at a few model homes.  I know many of you feel that you don’t want to “bother an agent” since you’re really not even sure this is the one.  Please, put this thought aside.  This is what real estate agents do.  They welcome the opportunity even if it turns out you have no desire other than just dreaming about “the one”.  At the very least, here’s what I recommend.  Call me first.  If I’m not available to meet you there, there is a possibility I can pre-register you with the builder prior to you walking through their entrance.  I will let them know I won’t be there, but I am representing you.  I’ll also text you a copy of my business card in case they ask for one.

Bottom Line

Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make.  Don’t jeopardize your chance of having an advisor by your side who will protect and promote only your interests.  Have a real estate agent with you when you look at model homes.

Cindy Nelson is an Arizona native, 4th generation Gilbert resident and licensed Realtor.  

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